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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Where do we fit in...provoking thoughts

A computer program is nothing more than a series of letters and symbols, placed together in a specific order, called code which all together formulates the computer program.  I would suggest that the person who writes the code could be called the creator of that program.  With the written code, the computer is able to do a specific tasks, such as in photography, adjust color, contrast, hue, shaprness, size, zoom in/zoom out, deleted parts of an image, remove unwanted parts, draw shapes, add labels and so on, just to name a few.  Other parts of the program allows the image to be printed or to be transferred to another person.  We now have thousands of programs which are intened to make out life easier and more convienent. There is even a thing now called a virus, which is written code, which is designed to infect the regular computer code, to disrupt the correct operation or functioning of a computer program.  All this has occurred basically within the past 25 years and gets more complex with each passing day.  Computers require more memory to be able to run the code as they become more and more complex and do more complicated tasks.  Interestingly enough, this code is nothing new.  I am pretty certain code has existed for billions of years.  Genetic code which is found in every living organism.  This built in code is a program, designed to create the growth of a specific object and when it is alive is a program to survive and do certain functions.  This code is contained in DNA, a complex biological, living code.

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